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Madelyn Marie
Madelyn Marie has a thing for dogs. Raises and trains them, in fact. So when we happened upon her at a local pet shop perusing the canines, we had to figure out a way to get this honey back to the hotel for some deviant pleasure. When we told her we had a retriever back at our room with a disciplinary problem, she was all to happy to oblige and help rectify the situation. Little did she know that our disobedient mastiff was really just a full-bred horny bastard ready to bury his bone in her fuck hole. She gnawed on that cock like a chew toy and took it in her cunt like a bitch in heat. Then she begged and pleaded to be bred, so our boy emptied his balls inside her. It was a clear-cut case of puppy love.

Christina was having trouble with her hotel room key. Lucky for me, I came to the rescue and, after a few strokes in the lock, opened her door. My reward? Getting the chance to get multiple strokes in her beautiful Asian mouth and pussy. This exotic mix of Chinese and Filipino sure loved me long time! She was a bit shy at first but soon warmed to the idea of sucking a total stranger's cock and allowing him to have his way with her tighter-than-a-crab's-ass cunt. That was evident by her multiple orgasms that drenched my meat whistle as I went hard and deep in her honey pot. To my surprise she also agreed to devour my ass, the first time she ever stuck her tongue in a man's bunghole. Then I tossed her on her back, raised her legs, and proceeded to fill her slit to the rim with a man-size creampie.

Nikita Love
Nikita Love is a beautiful raven haired, green-eyed Ukrainian girl with a great pair of tits. She was smoking a cigarette outside my hotel one night while her parents took a tour of New York City. Lonely and horny, she asked if she could come to my room to watch "American television" and introduce me to her version of Glasnost. She was a bit shy at first but she soon lost her inhibitions and her clothes. Next thing I know, she began worshiping my divining rod with her moist lips and hot tongue...

Lavander Rayne
Lavender Rayne is a mammoth-titted slut who just so happened to break down near my hotel room one afternoon. Caught in the rain, with a dead car battery and no cell phone, she was the proverbial damsel in distress. I could smell the desperation in the air and see the fear in her gorgeous green eyes. And she could see the bulge in my pants. What a perfect combination for illicit sex between two consenting adults. Little did I know that she was also in the midst of a break-up with her boyfriend and wanted to live out a fantasy of having rough sex with a total stranger. I definitely stepped in unicorn shit with this sexy whore. So I gave her what she craved: a few fingers to gag on, a thick cock to choke on, plenty of deep stroking, and a bellyful of hot man chowder on a dark, dank day. Mmm, mmm, good!

Nikki Kingston
Nikki Kingston is a struggling model who is not exactly a model citizen. More like a model whore. After all, who allows a perfect stranger to sweet talk them back to a hotel room with the promise of helping them make ends meet? There were a couple of caveats of course - my cock had to meet her pussy and mouth first. And being the swell guy I am, I also fed her a hot lunch. In the end, we both got what we wanted. If she was looking for more exposure she sure came to the right place!

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